Monday, January 19, 2009


Dawn has been doing WII FIT for several months. She has recorded nearly 200 hours, or at least that is her goal by her birthday on March 1st. She does a variety of the activities every morning at about 6 or 6:30. It took awhile for her to begin to see results of the hard work, but she stuck to it every day without fail and the results now are really very impressive.

I don’t know how much weight she has lost, she doesn’t talk about her weight to me, but I do know her clothes don’t fit and I’m probably facing the purchase of a new wardrobe. The really surprising thing to me is the way her body has kind of re-structured itself. She really looks good. She may still be a bit over-weight but she looks trim and stylish and in shape.

I’m so proud of her for doing it. I know it isn’t easy to get up every morning and do that for about 9 months of days in a row (excluding Sundays). It takes a lot of determination and courage – tenacity. Another word for tenacity is stubborn. I’ve been called stubborn or bull-headed more times than I can count. Maybe we’re alike in that regard, Dawn and I. I like the sound of tenacity better than stubborn and bull-headed, I think. I’ve learned that this family has a lot of that, tenacity that is, and now I understand better where you all got it.

And Dawn is continuing on, day after day. It is going to be a very interesting journey to see what happens. And, believe it or not, she has impressed me so that I decided to do it to. So I started a few days ago and I have recorded about 13 hour’s total. Hey, that’s a start. I’m determined too. I want to be productive and do some worthwhile things for a long time yet, and it takes good health and energy to do that. It’s worth some effort if we can see that happen for both of us.

I’m looking forward, too, to getting on-line with WII FIT and playing games or competing with my grandkids and other members of the family, them in their house and me in mine. Actually, a good part of my exercises so far have been doing the activities that I can do with the kids – and beat them, like the one where you hit the soccer ball with your head and dodge the panda and the shoes, the ski slalom and the ski jump - - and the hoola hoop. I’m going to practice bowling too.

Maybe we can have a tournament at the family reunion – grampa, Grandma and the parents against the kids. You better watch out though, the old man is doing pretty well on some of those things. I’m practicing to win.


  1. Oh, a challenge... we're all looking forward to it. But the Jacobsen kids are some pretty good ski jumpers!

  2. Okay, I've started too...but just barely. I only have about 3 hours, so I need to get busy. And I can't even get the ski jump thing to work at all!

  3. You're on Grandpa! Jonathan says you better bring your own kleenex, because you're going to need them!