Saturday, January 24, 2009


For you who, like me, are trying to learn how to do the various things in Wii fit, I thought I'd pass on the things I think I've learned that seem to have helped me.

It has helped me to remember that the only thing Wii Fit "see's", I think, is where my weight is shifted to, as reflected by the balance board. So leaning, or bending, or such is only effective if it is reflected by a shift in weight at my feet.

So, for example, when I do the hoola hoop, I concentrate on being sure as I move my hips, that I feel my weight shift from left toes to right toes to right heel to left heel to left toes, etc. I think that must be how the program knows that my hips are moving in a circle. When I lean to catch another hoop, I have found it's more important that my weight shifts to the right or left than it is how far I am leaning in that direction.

I have a hard time maintaining my balance. I feel myself teetering and tottering by the way my weight shifts as felt by my feet on the Wii Balance Board. Balance seems to be all important in some of the activities. It has helped me, although I'm still really poor at it, to consciously be sure I am putting weight on my big toes and little toes. The other toes seem to follow suite.

That idea is especially true when doing the ski slalom or the ski jump, because the speed is determined by shifting your weight to your toes. So, I seem to be more successful at keeping my balance if I shift my weight to the front or right or left by pressing down with my big and little toes or by shifting my hips left or right rather than by leaning a lot, which puts me off balance.

Well, I know you're all doing much better than I am at this, but it makes me feel important if I can sound like I know something. I have to admit I'm enjoying doing it, even if it does still insult me by saying things like, "this obviously is not your forte, do you find yourself tripping when you walk?" I've decided the remote didn't go through somebodies TV screen because it slipped out of their hand. They got mad and threw it because they were insulted.

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  1. I gotta tell you that I was laughing out loud thinking about a computer asking you if you trip when you walk. I love your blog and hearing your voice when I read it. I look forward to every post!! ~Jenny