Saturday, December 20, 2008

Making your bed - double meaning

I made the bed this morning. I don't do that often enough. I do make a pretty good bed though.
I think I learned during basic training in 1953. If the bed didn't satisfy the squad leader during inspection every morning it was likely you'd be on KP (Kitchen Police) that day. I didn't like KP.

The key to making a bed that will pass inspection is to start with the bottom sheet; pulled tight, no wrinkles. Then the top sheet; same rules. Then any cover that is between the top sheet and bed spread; same rule. (The bed spread in basic training was an army blanket). The next thing is to place the pillow(s), making sure they are layed nice and straight, patted down even with each other so they are nice and smooth across the bed - looks like one pillow when they're covered. Now, when the bed spread is placed it will lay nice and straight without a lot of straightening or fuss. Be sure the side and the end of the bed spread that will be most likely seen by the inspector, or others, has the edge at the right distance from the floor and nice and straight. Really quite simple; just as easy as having wrinkles and bumps. It saved me from a lot of KP.

There should be a lesson in this. Maybe it suggests that what really matters isn't what's on the surface but what is underneath. If all is well inside it will show in our words and actions, and even, or maybe especially, in our appearance.