Saturday, February 21, 2009

Success Report

I'm very pleased for Dawn this morning, and excited for her. Your Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, and Friend did it !!

Sometime back there she set a goal to have excercised on WII Fit for 200 hours by her birthday on March 1st. Well, today is February 22nd, she is in there excercising right now, and I just looked at the screen on her TV. She has now excercised a total of 200.14 hours !! Can you believe that ? She did it !!!

I shouldn't be surprised, and I'm not, really. I've learned long ago that if she sets a goal for herself she will always do it, no matter what. She would consider it breaking a promise to herself, I think, if she didn't accomplish what she set a goal to accomplish.

But that ain't the half of it. She looks so good ! She feels better. She has more spring in her step. She feels good about herself. And, of course, nothing fits, so we're buying new clothes. I guess there is a price for everything - well earned and very happily done.


  1. Way to go Mom!! I knew you could do it!

  2. That is great! Way to go Dawn! Nothing beats the feeling that you've done exactly what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it. Well.... maybe eating some of Mike's banana pancakes but they are pretty close.

  3. Brittany, Thank you for your very kind comments. It's nice to meet Jenny's friends, even long distance. We hope to hear from you again. Do you have a blog site?