Saturday, February 28, 2009

Romances of My Youth #1

We stood by the gate as the sun went down
Behind the hills on a summer day.
Her eyes were tender, and big, and brown;
Her breath was sweet, like the new mown hay.

Far from the West the faint sunshine
Glanced, sparkling, off her golden hair.
Her big brown eyes were turned toward mine,
And a look of contentment rested there.

She was young like me, and tall and straight,
And we were friends for a time, she and I.
She liked to play, or stand by the gate,
Or walk back and forth 'neath the summer sky.

I remember with fondness her standing there.
I can see her standing, peacefully, now.
Peacefully standing, and chewing her cud,
As I rubbed her ears, that young Jersey cow.
Multiple Authors

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